Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just spent a ridiculous amount of time in the painting studio working on mt EPIC WORK OF ART, which would almost be done if not for a boneheaded decision to do the line art in sharpie marker.

Word to the wise: Sharpie and oil paint do. not. mix. No amount of paint can cover the mightiest of magic markers. I have had to lay down layer upon layer of paint to no avail. Just when things are looking good, the paint dries and a hateful thick black line shows through. I'm going to try to solve this problem with a thin coating of matte medium on the board. Then, with any luck, the only problem left to solve will be getting that big old fucker of a plywood board home without wheels.

The painting will, of course be posted upon completion. Let me just say it involves two subjects near and very dear to my crispy little heart: Myself, and exceedingly bad taste. I have never in my life worked this hard on what is essentially a bad joke.

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