Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Must. Make. Coffee.

This has been a week of all nighters, partly due to my own inability to put down the x-box controller and just go to bed, and partly due to the year-end crunch. Tonight I'm using some antiquing techniques to create interesting patterns. My surface design teacher has been showing us some really cool ways to use gouache, inks, and frisket, that I'll post later. I'm thinking I could use some of these to make gorgeous little greeting cards to sell this summer. This Pirate-themed one I made for an earlier project really turned out great and got me thinking about the possibilities. Personally, I could take or leave cards, but a lot of people really seem to like them, moreso if they're handmade.

The second project I have to work on tonight has been killing me. "Just draw anything, play around!" My drawing teacher says. I say, "I can't DECIDE!" arrgh.... Well, tht's it. Break's over. Back to work!

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