Thursday, April 22, 2010

Textiles: Year One Draws To A Close

It's been a fantastic year in every way. I've never been so happy.

Over the summer I'll be starting the first full time job I've been hired to without nepotism factoring in somewhere. It's a dirty job, and I do mean dirty (think hotel housekeeping with a lot more beery puke) but you gotta start somewhere, and at least it isn't security. When I said never again, I meant it.

Outside of work- Three Creative projects and some bonus goals:

Project the first: Get my sewing machine fixed so that I can beef up my sewing skills and salable inventory.

Project the second: Go here and get some of these so that I can get my hat-makin' on. Hats are number 4 on my Top 5 Awesomest Things Ever list so I feel a great obligation to improve the world by making a lot more of them.

Project the third: I want to build room boxes and dollhouses then populate them with weirdos.
Miniatures and dollhouses make up an especially precious branch on the great tree o' Craft. I have always loved the possibilities of creating little vignettes full of intricate detail, but they remain annoyingly precious and largely restricted to the realm of fussy retirees who seem content to create the same country general stores and Victorian parlors over and over again. This is a hobby that badly needs to be shaken up ala knitting and crochet. This summer I will get started on effecting this change.

On a related topic, lookit what I just found! How neat is that?

Ohh! And check out these great dolls by a former taxidermist and mortician! The site is very 1999, but her work is marvelously bizarre.

AS to optional goals, I'm keeping it simple: I want to go to more more music and theatre shows (starting with Evelyn Evelyn's Toronto appearance, improve my music by jamming with people, meet girls, write a book and pay down my horrible credit card debt.

On the bloggy side of things, expect to see some of what I've been learning in textiles this year for your own use and pleasure. Specifically, I've been planning a "wet felting for total beginners" entry for some time.

Until next time :)

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