Friday, March 18, 2011

Back From The Dead For Some Shout-Outs

I wasn't dead actually, just busy doing the textile thing, and lately, It's been all Facebookish instead of Bloggy.

I'll be updating my site soon with some more current work including some lovely bags. I love the showy functionality of bags and would love to brand myself as The Bag Lady, but such an obvious title is doubtless already taken.

The other thing that has taken up a lot of time lately is music. I'm not very good at it, but manage to have a pretty good time messing about with the guitar and making a fool of myself in public. I'm hoping to have time to attend some guitar workshops when summer arrives. I never would have suspected it in a town like Oakville, but there is a great supportive community of local musicians of every age and background.

Now comes the time for shout outs.

First some textile ladies:

Sister Valentine: This lady is amazing, plain and simple. It is hard to express my admiration without gushing like a dork, so I shall direct you to her Etsy shop and you can see for yourself. Right now we are collaborating on a neat project proposal. Will there be pictures? Maybe!

This is Sarah Dee
, who is a comedy genius with a very unique sense of style. She also has a massive boner for handsome British nerd/actors. For a good time, watch her review of Hot Fuzz.

BrittniJoy on Etsy is another wonderful Textile Lady who knits like the wind.

General Art Stuff:

Paint Eater Medley is the blog of a promising young illustrator and if you like ballsy colour and luscious line, you should peek.

Nicole DeCaria is another illustrator I quite admire. Her use of wet media is stunning.

Now for some music:

Kevin Butler/Charles Noir is ridiculously talented and a great listen. If you like gentle melodies and haunting, poetic lyrics filtered through fantastic new folk sounds, you should pay him a visit.

Speaking of new folk, here's a guy, Benjamin Theodore, who manages the purity of sound and earnestness that the original folk movement fell over themselves to achieve but could never quite pull off. His music is just so bloody charming I could die.

Blame Mumford and Sons, I guess for the explosion in folk lately. Or maybe it's just the pendulum swinging back to sanity from overproduced mediocre studiopoop. Anyway, I like it, and I really like this Zoe Boekbinder, who calls herself geek glam and does sexy things with a loop pedal while paying homage to classic jazz. Her voice is deep, warm and rich while her songs are quirky and sentimental without being cloying. In a lot of ways, this new wave of folk sound is a remedy to the excessive eye-rolling of hipster culture. Zoe's music is a good example of this. Also, she has a blog.

And finally, just plain interesting:

JoAnn has a blog.
She goes on adventures and has an interesting brain. The blog is still new but I am sure good things will be posted here soon.

Well that's that for now. I shall put up some pictures soon.

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