Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Saturday: The Hamilton Art Crawl

Hey Youse Guises. I am doing a craft fair this Saturday and for a change, I actually remembered to blog about it ahead of time.

The Hamilton Art Crawl is going on all month, but I am just doing this Saturday with my good friend and Crochet Spider Extraordinaire, Sister Valentine. I won't have as much inventory as I would like due to spending most of this summer working, stressing, spazzing, and as a result, binge drinking (rather than using my head and putting the stress energy to work for the greater crafty good), but there are some cute things up for grabs and Sister Valentine's stuff will be at the same table, yeah, that is pretty awesome.

Lots of ideas buzzing around my brain, I only wish there was more time! When did summer get to be almost over? At least I and my lovely workmates get a week off before school starts. I kinda want to do a big fat craftjam sometime that week, and maybe even introduce some of the work friends to the craft friends. That's is one thing I resent about this summer's job. It has been wonderful and full of laughter, but once the year kicks into gear, we won't get to see each other!

But blargh, I have had too much coffee today and since it is showing in the writing, I shall sign off. I will end by saying that I am hoping to FINALLY have my business cards ready this weekend. They are supercute. Fingers crossed that all goes well with the printer!

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