Monday, October 24, 2011

I have a Googly Cookie Monster Eye

I discovered this when I was brushing my teeth. I have an electric toothbrush as since it does most of the work, I stand there in front of the mirror and my mind wanders. When my mind wanders, my eyes glaze over and go out of focus. I noticed this because of the bathroom mirror, and really it is good to know, because I have a pretty short attention span.

So, my eyes go out of focus because my brain is away with the fairies, and one of my eyes decides to do a little mosey and wanders off to the imaginary candy stand that replaces an internet connection in the yawning void that was, until about 1997, my imagination. I was totally unaware of this until recently, when, snapping out of a reverie, I caught a rather gruesome glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. It is unclear how long I have been putting out serial killer vibes while probably thinking innocent thoughts like dogs wearing jaunty hats.

BTW, If you have until now thought I was a serial killer and it made you super efficient in your dealings with me (Hi, Bank of Montreal Employees!) Just go on with that preconception. I could totes move from wrecking havoc on cookies to bank tellers with the right motivation. As could all people. Lines can be very dehumanizing.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post was, Except that I've been practicing this weird tendency and getting really good at it, and, since it grosses out my brother you may be seeing more of this in days to come. I know I am Almost Thirty and supposed to be an adult at this point in life, but it would be such a waste not to make the most of a Googly Cookie Monster Eye that grosses out one's brother, so that is that.

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