Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here And There: An Invitation

We live in the age of DIY's most charming incarnation to date. As craft is embraced by the hyper-connected culture of New Media, it once again enjoys a voyage down the mainstream... and the anti-consumerist sentiment of the movement is expressed through an homage to the can-do spirit and thrifty ingenuity of The Greatest Generation.

It's all as perfectly sweet as strawberry preserves.

But this rosy nostalgia, this Etsy chic, is only one face of Modern Craft. People weary of the owl craze and hipsters making saucy new twists on Granny squares will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and daring exhibited by Sheridan College's Craft and Design grads.

The program will be hosting an exhibition of its graduating class on Thursday April 12 that will run concurrently at two neighbouring Queen West galleries until April 22. Click the image below for a full size version.

Here and There, so named for the varied approaches of the program's forty-six graduates, encompasses four main craft disciplines: Ceramics, Glass, Furniture and Textiles with a wide range of visual style and professional aspirations evident within each studio (some of these emerging craftspeople are designers, some entrepreneurs and still others are budding gallery artists). Adding to the interest of this upcoming exhibition is the conversation that occurs between the studios and materials, with Ceramics and Glass artists exhibiting together in the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, and Textiles exhibiting with Furniture in the Propeller gallery.

You are invited to contribute to this conversation. The 2012 Sheridan Crafts and Design grads invite you to share our passion for material and our joy in the process of making. We hope to see you there.

Also, there will be booze.

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