Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Madame Has Been Published.

Oh hello friends.  With the approach of Autumn, I am feeling nostaligic and thought I would talk about one of the high points of this summer, and that was visiting the lovely textile ladies of Hamilton's Mint Textile Studio.  Mint was founded by several talented fibre artists from my graduating class at Sheridan and they have really built a beautiful creative space for themselves. Hamilton is very lucky to have them.  You can get an idea why if you attend this year's Supercrawl, this Friday and Saturday. And you should because it is INSANE FUN.  You don't hate fun, do you?  Some really great artisans, who also happen to be really amazing people will be there as well, selling their wares and I urge you to give them a look-see, especially if you are one of those weird people I keep hearing about who are so very interested in beauty and style these days.

Hamilton's James St Supercrawl is taking place this Friday and Saturday September 14 and 15. Check it out!

In other news, Several of my lovely classmates and I were featured in a recent issue of Mr. Joe Lewis' online FibreArts magazine, FibreQuarterly.  I am proud of us and hope you will be too, or at least that you will enjoy the magazine!  FQ is an outstanding periodic round up of all things textile and engages the reader with the kind of passion for will, for layfolks, suffuse Craft with the kind of magic that makes it so addictive for those of us already hopelessly obsessed with it.

Now for the juicy upcoming stuff.  With school finished, I'm taking some time to make Get Off My Lawn more of a presence online.  Within the next week I'll have another update for you that I think you will like.  In the meantime, if there are any topics or tutorials you would like to see here, I will be happy to make the effort.  Feedback is always welcome.

Until next time friends.

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