Friday, November 30, 2012


Why hello again, Friends,

I almost didn't hear you over the roar of neurons firing in my brain box.
You see, in an attempt to preempt the Annual Winter Hibernation, I am trying lots of new things to keep up my energy level.  

For example, here are some new non-fibre  accessories (I would never stop working in felt, but it is nice to expand).  
 The pendants were made using sheets of polystyrene plastic (aka Shrinky Dinks for my fellow oldies) that I drew and coloured on using markers and coloured pencils and then shrank down in the oven.  After they cooled I sanded the edges and applied a few layers of sealant to protect the surfaces and add a bit of gloss.
 This awesome Jellyfish image was adapted from a wonderful public domain book Kunst-formen der nature by Ernst Haekel, which, I learned in a design history class, was influential in the Art Nouveau movement.  You gotta love those whiplash lines, and who doesn't find marine life totally fascinating?

 These are chokers which feature an Ivy leaf that symbolize the style and philosophy of Get Off My Lawn/All Things Odd.

I haven't quite figured out what to do with these teeny William Hogarth-inspired charms, but I'm thinking of using them to make a charm bracelet dedicated to the amazing eighteenth century satirist, who has lately become one of my favorite artists.

I have also finally started to learn wire wrapping, which is something I have wanted to do forever based on the rock collection I started when I was younger, and a good friend recently introducing me to the fanciest gemstone place I have ever seen (DROOOOOOOOL).
 So here are some quartzes, an amethyst, a sodalite, a snowflake obsidian, bloodstone and some random black stone that had a nice shape.  I used copper and steel wire and am way too excited to learn more about this.  ROCKS!
Spirals are purty!

I've really been into the idea of deconstructing older pieces to make new ones.  I found this pretty thing in a great vintage shop recently and can't wait to turn it into something sublime. 

Finally, we return back to fibre jewellery.  Lately I've been seeing a lot of jewellery that involves multiple strands, usually of french knitting or i-cords.  Now I'm not a huge knitter so thought I'd try something with felted rope.  Here's a bracelet that's also been embellished with glass seed beads.

I really like the juxtaposition of messy semi-braided strands and tidy beads, all lined up. can't wait to expand on this design.  Anyway, that's it for now. Come out and see these new goodies at one of our many shows this holiday season!

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