Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upcoming Event: Crosswires #40- Live Indie Rock and Handmade Art (November 25)

My dear Friends In Fibre,

As I have said, this is a busy time of year for craftspeople, and so you may expect updates from me, the frequency of which have not been seen since I used to use this blog to complain about everything/nothing. 

 This Sunday November 25 at 8pm in the evening is another upcoming Holiday Appearance where you might find All Things Odd hawking artisan stocking stuffers at reasonable prices, and also...... Tacos.

Yup, tacos.  But not just that because y'see, Crosswires is a weekly event at The Garrison that showcases local indie music.

For Crosswires #40, the organizers decided to do something a little new and offer local handmade goodies for sale (in time for le holidays) and that, friends, is where I (and a varied assortment of talented others) come in.

Here's the Event's facebook page which I recommend peeping at, especially to scope out some featured vendor photos and the performing talent.

But wait- before you wrestle Skylar and Jaden into their miniature distressed cardigans,  this venue is not for people under 19, which is regrettible, but we don't want to expose the vulnerable young to INDIE ROCK MUSIC! My goodness, were the safeguards thrown out and children admitted, the next thing you know, 8-year-old Skylar would be sporting a full beard and composing long e minor jams on his 100-mile handmade guitar and we can't have that, we just can't.  I know it sounds cool in theory, but the other tweens  in his class are still into Carly Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber and they just wouldn't get Skylar's steez.  Let him get there organically, parents (personally though, I think Jaden should be allowed to come, because he's way more interested in the crafts anyway). 

I know this one is short notice, but come out and say hi, because remember, tacos. 


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