Sunday, November 18, 2012

Upcoming Event: Handmade Holiday Market (December 14)

Well, well, well, Friends In Fibre,

Late autumn is a busy season for us Craft nerds, for it leads into December, Season of The Holiday Craft Show.  

I don't know about you reader, but I have been working my dainty lady fingers to the bone lately in hopes of creating something special for the holiday shopping masses.   In this vein, It seems wise to inform these bundled-up shoppers just where they might find said goodies, so voila- you get another of these Upcoming Events posts, and I can say with some certainty, it won't be the last of the season. In fact, it won't even be the last of this week (actually, it will, since by my clock it is 11:05 Sunday, and I was hoping to write a follow-up in a few hours, which I guess by a technicality, becomes next week).

So yes, on to the Holiday Craft Shows:The lovely ladies of Hamilton's Mint Studio are at it again, and in association with Needlework (which is in the running for cutest sewing shop ever, btw), They are holding what promises to be a fantastic holiday sale on December 14:

 Hope you can make it out!  Trust me  when I say there are gorgeous gifts to be found among the work of these artisans.

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