Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming Event: The Sassy Little Winter Craft Show

Save the date, friends!  In addition to Your Not-Actually-That-Humble Narrator and  Monster Hat Mama extraordinaire Erin Awesome, there are going to be some great local craftspeople working this show.  

The holidays are coming up and sure, you could just get your friends  metallic spandex leggings, dollar store kazoos and sweat-stained promotional baseball caps with that weird mesh in the back, but why not show how much you  like them (and how cool you are) with a fun little something handmade?


Item the second;

Here's a Twitter feed that spotlights our fine felted pretties and shall keep you in the loop about upcoming sales promotions and craft shows. 

And here is our brand new facebook page!

Now that its the holiday season I'm going to be out doing  a lot of craft shows in various places around Southern Ontario.  Come say hi if you happen to see us hawking our wares out in your city. It's always great to chat with fibre fiends and fellow craft-nerds.

More updates soon to come- Exciting things are happening!

Until then, friends.


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