Thursday, December 13, 2012

Upcoming Event: Bazaar of The Bizarre- Frostbite (Dec 15)

 Saturday's ging to be quite an event, friends!  Come on down to  918 Bathurst St, where I'll be running a booth.  As a special treat, Erin from Erchin: Handmade Awesome will be offering up her wild hats.  As is our custom when working together, we have combined our name to All Things Awesome.  Come by if you are downtown!

I gotta say, I am super pumped for this venue- it looks wild.  They have everything from Dog fashion, to handmade organic oils, to corsets and That is saying nothing about the entertainment.  I really think this will be the place to shop forthose friends with exotic tastes, or even something for yourself.

Cheers friends!


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