Saturday, July 4, 2015



Forgive the long silence. Sometimes life gets in the way of art, and sometimes, just living can burn massive amounts of energy, leaving precious little to create.  Anyway.

Due to my present schedule, it has become highly unlikely that I will be able to participate in craft shows until further notice, so my focus is moving to online sales either through Etsy or my own website, once I get it up and running.  In the past. I've depended on free hosts like webs and weebly etc but web design isn't and has never been a passion of mine, and I'll be pursuing something more streamlined in the near future.

Also, on that front, I'm debating jumping this old ship for Tumblr, but I'm not very fond of their interface and never have been, so Blogger it is for now, at least until the launch of a proper website which may incorporate my written work as well as some attempts at installation art.

You may expect more updates going forward, as I have  finally installed the blogger app to my smartphone  been making more of an effort to document my process with photos, and am slowly training myself into a digital note taking and record keeping, although i will stand by my lovely bound notebooks until the day the shelf that holds them collapses under its weight and buries me alive, book hoarder that I am.

In other arty news, I have, in my early thirties, finally discovered the ladylike art of assembling and maintaining a passable wardrobe, which has had some influence on my designs, which are more and more moving toward Retro and Pin-Up  influences as well as Gothic and Punk designs, which have always been near and dear to my crispy little heart.  If this is your sort if thing, be glad.  The kitschy and Kawaii stuff will  remain as well because you can never have too  much of the silly and tacky in your life, despite what others may think.

Watch this space.  My fingers are itching to make many new things.  The creative has been patiently waiting out my long restorative silence, so I'm busy doing my best to refine my technique and get to that sublime place where the work before me matches the concept within me.



Ps. I have a Pinterest now.  Link's to your right.

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