Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gallery Update

I've added several new pieces to my online gallery and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

With classes out of the way (for now) I'll have time to focus on some pieces I've been meaning to either start or complete. By the way, I've created a visual diary detailing the creation of my Magnum Opus. It's viewable on Facebook if you're interested.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just spent a ridiculous amount of time in the painting studio working on mt EPIC WORK OF ART, which would almost be done if not for a boneheaded decision to do the line art in sharpie marker.

Word to the wise: Sharpie and oil paint do. not. mix. No amount of paint can cover the mightiest of magic markers. I have had to lay down layer upon layer of paint to no avail. Just when things are looking good, the paint dries and a hateful thick black line shows through. I'm going to try to solve this problem with a thin coating of matte medium on the board. Then, with any luck, the only problem left to solve will be getting that big old fucker of a plywood board home without wheels.

The painting will, of course be posted upon completion. Let me just say it involves two subjects near and very dear to my crispy little heart: Myself, and exceedingly bad taste. I have never in my life worked this hard on what is essentially a bad joke.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Must. Make. Coffee.

This has been a week of all nighters, partly due to my own inability to put down the x-box controller and just go to bed, and partly due to the year-end crunch. Tonight I'm using some antiquing techniques to create interesting patterns. My surface design teacher has been showing us some really cool ways to use gouache, inks, and frisket, that I'll post later. I'm thinking I could use some of these to make gorgeous little greeting cards to sell this summer. This Pirate-themed one I made for an earlier project really turned out great and got me thinking about the possibilities. Personally, I could take or leave cards, but a lot of people really seem to like them, moreso if they're handmade.

The second project I have to work on tonight has been killing me. "Just draw anything, play around!" My drawing teacher says. I say, "I can't DECIDE!" arrgh.... Well, tht's it. Break's over. Back to work!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Mister Booboo.

Meet Mister Booboo. He may look uncomfortable, but worry not gentle reader; Boo's a masochist who enjoys every instant of the unrelenting pain that makes up his existence. If you're in the market for a kinky pincushion, look for his brothers this summer at Erchin's Piratefest Booth!

Why Hello There.

To mark the launch of a sparkly new website (that probably wouldn't exist if not for my digital media class) I have decided to bring this blog back to life, or more accurately, to reincarnate it.

This move will be greeted with no great astonishment by it's sole reader, me.

However, I'm planning to start posting (regularly!)again, and since I'm told I can be pretty entertaining (in print, at least *sob*) maybe with some unprecedented diligence, This place will pick up a bit.

Then, when my riveting words have sucked you all in, I'll take it down a few notches and share what I have for breakfast every morning if only to spite Margaret Atwood (who is not only too good to show up in person at book signings, but also properly scornful of the digital medium as befits one of Canada's foremost eliterary relics). Yes, I, Kay Tor, Canadian, Feminist and biblophile, totally just went there. Take that, Peggy (although, to be fair, the Handmaid's Tale was pretty good)!

You may have noticed that I am prone to using parentheses. If you don't like it, blame William Goldman whose writing got ahold of me at a tender age. Or, stop reading. Speaking of reading, you might have guessed that it's something I do a lot of and I'm hoping to get some book and graphic novel reviews up here soon. It seems to me that good things should be shared, and bad things should be mercilessly ridiculed for the enjoyment of the internet's more discerning (bitchier) denizens.

So stick around, and let's see if we can't have some fun!