Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening.  As yet unschooled as I am in these matters, it felt like a wonderful success.  

Photo by Ana Diosdado of unitdesign.wordpress.com
 I am very happy with how my installation came together.   Here is a shot of it from below as taken by the talented Ana whose work I am looking forward to photographing at the 2013 grad show.

Sheridan's Craft and Design Grad Show is on until this Saturday, April 22,, and if you're in the Queen West area of Toronto, don't miss a chance to see it.

Upcoming Event: Sheridan Arts Festival

On April 28th, Sheridan's School of Animation, Arts and Design at the Trafalgar campus (Oakville) is holding its annual open house and craft sale which features the work of Alumni and student artists.

Parking and admission to the event are free and the event will run from 10am to 4pm

If you like modern craft, you will love this sale.  See you there!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tutorial 1: From A Concept...

Hello Fibre Friend, how's it going?  ....Really?   Mmm, I see.  That's interesting. Welp, okay- enough about your life.  This is my blog and you are probably on the Internet  because you want a temporary distraction from your own stuff anyway.  Not to worry though, I still care about you.

Today we have a little bit of a tutorial on the Creative Process.   Here you will find the Kaytorian perspective on how to take the plunge and pull something magical out of your behind when you are in a creative slump or are not necessarily feeling it.

Monday, April 2, 2012


One unimpressed bitch.

You guys, I have been a negligent blog parent, which is something I realized while enjoying this lady's online adventures with all her lovely process shots.  It is my way to avoid showing the unfinished product  (at least as far as bloggery goes) and that isn't very fair to both of my audience one of which might be interested in seeing exactly what it is I do when not procrastinating and watching children's cartoons.

Upcoming Events

Why hello there friends, I didn't see you there; I was busy planning for some exciting upcoming events.