Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lichen and Faded Marble: A Springtime Stroll Through The Toronto Necropolis

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Royal Ontario Museum With my brother and young niece.  On the way home, My brother, all hepped up on history, had the idea of making a stop in Cabbagetown to show us the Historic Necropolis there.

I was very sorry to have just my old cell camera on hand, but Brother was kind enough to let me use his point-and-click, and so I got to take some pictures.  Being drawn to texture and having more than a little morbidity in my blood,  I simply had to document some of the visuals for later reference.  I haven't been to many cemetaries  but I was struck by the eroded and broken state of  the older markers.   Many had not only fallen over, but been long broken in half and trampled right into the ground.  Many were worn almost completely smooth.   

I know modern burial practices prefer granite for markers, but there is something so beautiful about the softness and  fragility of marble headstones.    Images after the jump.


Unknown said...

lovely shots, Kaytor...I'm also a fan of old cemeteries!

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