Monday, April 2, 2012


One unimpressed bitch.

You guys, I have been a negligent blog parent, which is something I realized while enjoying this lady's online adventures with all her lovely process shots.  It is my way to avoid showing the unfinished product  (at least as far as bloggery goes) and that isn't very fair to both of my audience one of which might be interested in seeing exactly what it is I do when not procrastinating and watching children's cartoons.

So sorry about that.  I promise to make it up to you though-  I've been doing a bit of pot dying lately in order to build a nice reserve of coloured roving (which is what felt is before I molest it into naked lady shapes) and this might make for a fun field trip into the dye lab where we fibromancers work our magic.    So yeah, and maybe and a tutorial about dying wool roving, but it's rather tricky (unless you like the idea of spending hours combing hopelessly matted fibres straight) and is still something I'm getting the hang of, so you might be waiting for that one a bit.

In the mean time, here are poor quality cell phone pictures of the tools of my chosen trade and what I end up doing with them.

Hand carded (that's combed, for those of you who didn't pay $4000 dollars a year to drink tea and procrastinate) roving in  various colours.
A fancy felted naked lady playset.  I call the chubby one on top "Enid."


Lisa Montsion said...

Such a beautiful dog.


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