Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Things Odd.

When first making an artist website, I unceremoniously titled it All Things Odd, because A) I couldn't think of anything else to call it and B) I actually do like odd things. A couple years later when it became clear that a Textiles-based entrepreneurship was the way to go, I thought pretty hard about developing a personal brand and came up with Get Off My Lawn. I took down my old website, more or less redid everything and totally changed the look of things, assuming that All Things Odd would never be seen again.

Well, I was wrong. Get Off My Lawn will remain as my brand more or less, encompassing whatever production and series work gets done, but I'm thinking of bringing back All Things Odd as a label to represent One-of-a-kind pieces and my gallery-oriented work. It seemed to better fit the contents of the latest Lookbook-In-progress, Contortion which involve these posable felted figures (playsets for the troubled) that are a bit darker than my prettier stuff. Incidentally, I realize the file size of the lookbook images is ridiculous, and will be fixing that up in the next little bit, although new lookbooks will be pushed back until late April at the very soonest, due to school.

The lookbooks actually take quite a bit of time to put together, but it's a labour of love because the process can be a lot of fun. Not bad for someone who until last year sneered at digital art as a cheap cop-out.

Anyway, speaking of All Things Odd and my digital boner, here are a sexy new postcard and business card I made to shameless promote myself. Do you like them?

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